When it takes just a few clicks to reach out to the mass!

Facebook basically started as a platform for connecting people across the world, however now it serves as a media to achieve many other goals. 1 of its major successes is that of gathering people together all across the world to achieve a certain objective. This is not an easy task though. It takes time to get noticed among the lot.

Bringing a change

On that context I would like to pen down a personal experience. I am a fresh graduate and during the initial days of my college life there was this ruckus that took place regarding the dress code of women, following some rape cases. A woman’s dress code was cited as the reason for such inhumane activities by men. This raged opposition by women from all around the world, especially among youngsters.

This was when the students council of my college decided to campaign against this rant. I was a member of this council and have experienced what actually standing firm against something or for something felt like. Besides campaigning inside the college to gather people for the rally, we wanted to reach out to other youngsters as well.
We just had a very less time in hand and had to reach out to the mass. We wanted maximum people to join the movement. We opened a facebook page for the movement and stated our aims and objectives stated reasons enough to convince people to join. We definitely got some followers but that wasn’t enough. That wasn’t the mass.

Call of the masses

It is very difficult to establish yourself in the sea of millions. The same was with our page. With more than a million users facebook already had innumerable pages. And this was when we decided to buy followers on facebook. 1st we hesitated considering the possibilities of getting caught or banned but later we learnt that there was no harm in buying.

I was in charge of doing the research work and finding out the sites selling genuine likes. Considering the reviews of customers who have already purchased followers I settled for a package which would give our page 1000 likes for each payment. The firm did as it promised and soon our page was flooded with followers.

This certainly raised curiosity among other facebook users and I found a sharp increase in the number of natural followers. It generated much traffic to the page and believe me it was a treat to the eyes to see so many youngsters turn up on the day of the rally. The crowd was beyond our expectation! Thus it was a wise decision to buy followers on facebook.

Building credibility amidst the multitude is a challenge!

I am an aspiring businessman having a small boutique. I sell wedding gowns. Previously my sales were limited to my area but now I am a proud owner of 4 more branches. All credit goes to facebook.

I needed to expand my business but with shortage of capital I could not invest much. Thus I decided to do online marketing on facebook I was initially worried about the response that would come up after creating my page because building up a base of followers in order to promote the brand is difficult and time consuming. Though it’s tough, it’s not impossible.

The human psychology is such that we tend to follow the crowd and so to make my brand famous I needed traffic for my page. For this I needed followers. Merely posting pictures of the gowns wasn’t enough.

Climbing up the ladder

Soon after learning that creating a strong fan base and brand visibility are some of the important requisites for online marketing I decided to buy followers on facebook. I got instant likes from the seller as promised. Moreover the process of buying followers was hassle free. I just needed to provide them my email id and make the payment on time. Soon my page was flooded with likes and followers; this attracted the natural followers soon.

In a years’ time I got online orders from different sects of people. That 1 investment wasn’t enough though as the followers remain for a certain amount of time as was decided while opting for the package. I bought the package 2 more times and that was enough to give a good start to my brand.

My success story is among the many. All we need to do is to capture the imagination of the potential facebook users. Convincing them to like the brand depends on our efforts to establish our product in a smart way. Thus my decision to buy followers on facebook was a smart move.

Marketing strategy associated with instagram

Many companies or business enterprises depend on the network of the internet for their marketing strategies as well as other promotional activities. They resort to means such as to buy instagram followers in order to amplify their marketing program and public opinion. Hello readers, I am a 32 year old male. I currently live in New York, and I work as a marketing analyst in a reputed company which has a profound social profile.


It is my job to follow on the various trends in the internet and identify the potentials of a new internet marketing plan or strategy. Hence, I am well aware of the various technical attributes that are required to gain some form of leverage over the internet marketing strategy by using something like purchasing likes in instagram, just like in case of Facebook and other popular networking sites. I have been working on these for quite a lot of time, and I have seen actual leverage happen on social front.

My company bears a simple as well as intricate web marketing design, and promoting usability as well as confidence about my company is one of them. So, by instilling the standard of buy instagram likes on our instagram page will not only fetch us more confidence in those eyes of customers, but it will also provide cumulative likes in future, something that retweets of Twitter introduced in this social media circle.


This whole idea of purchasing or buy likes or to buy instagram followers is primarily very useful as it will generate a buzz in those closed social circles. Considering our competition in market, these followers as well as their likes will surely help our company to bypass the competition in the social media and focus on more important matters. This marketing strategy is quite sound, according to my estimation.

Now, I have made some serious considerations concerning this whole agenda of acquiring the social media to uphold our marketing strategy. I can definitely say that if proper provisions are provided, and proper implementation is carried out in definitive proportions, then this innate idea could be very important to all marketing strategists. Instagram offers a comprehensive and detailed profile to work on.


This very idea comes from natural human behavior. It is in human nature to follow lead, and if majority of followers cling to a particular profile in instagram or acquire quite a considerable number of lies, then it can be safe to conclude that the concerned user or profile will get the better half of something called the eyeball ratio. Considering phenomenal growth of social networking sites such as vine, it is a good deal.

So, according to my knowledge and experience in this social media marketing front, I can be conclusive that if proper implementation can be managed, then it is absolutely certain that results will be available. In order to buy instagram followers, one would require capital, and if one has that, then something called cumulative popularity will take care of the rest.

Advantages of having more followers on facebook

From my personal experience of having a page for my brand what I have deciphered is that the advantages of having many followers in a worldwide famous social media like facebook with over a million users are many. This reason is enough to justify the need to buy followers on facebook. It not only helped my get traffic to my page but also publicized my brand.

Having more facebook followers leads to better interaction with the subscribers. The suggestions and feedbacks helps in enhancing the product range. Also when someone likes a page, he or she gets subscribed to the page and gets all updates. They become more involved.

Increased no of visitors ensures on facebook pages which is generally apart of the company’s website, leads to an increased traffic for the websites. Increased traffic means more advertising revenues and higher rankings in search engines. Therefore the cost of buying followers is compensated for.

More followers popularize the brand name. Customers tend to go for the products with high brand value and also recommend them to their friends and family.

Thus, I would recommend all of you wishing to gain publicity to go and buy followers on facebook besides natural followers. But before purchasing, make it a point to make a thorough enquiry about the seller and the disclaimers that might follow.